Embrace your most authentic self

The Maxx You Project is our ongoing initiative to support women with tools and resources as they navigate the process of becoming their most authentic selves, their Maxx selves. Explore our resources below and start living your most unapologetic life.

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upcoming workshops

Want to discover actionable ways to step closer toward your most authentic self? Our Find Your Maxx workshops—happening live on Instagram and TikTok—will help you start living your most unapologetic life. Tune in this fall!

Saturday, October 15th

maxx your mindset

Identify things that are holding you back from becoming your most unapologetic self and discover actionable techniques to overcome them.

Yvonne Orji

Yvonne Orji

Emmy-nominated actor, writer, and motivational speaker

Thursday, October 27th

maxx your mentors

Learn how to surround yourself with women who champion you and workshop ways to tap into your network when you need a little extra support.

Aja Dang

Aja Dang

Entrepreneur, financial expert, and content creator

Tuesday, November 1st

unleashing your maxx

Unlock the Maxx self you’ve been working so hard to find with an inspirational discussion that will leave you feeling empowered to be You To The Maxx.

Clara Macciocchi

Clara Macciocchi

Mental health advocate and content creator

Thursday, November 3rd

maxx your confidence

Discover how fear of failure is holding you back and unlock tips to build confidence and overcome those barriers.

Marcela Maranon

Marcela Maranon

Accessibility advocate and the first disabled Latin woman to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tuesday, November 15th

maxx your career

Expand your professional network and discover ways to pursue your career goals despite the things holding you back.

Natalie Borneo

Natalie Borneo

Senior Director of Program Operations at Dress for Success Worldwide

Thursday, November 17th

maxx your voice

Identify barriers keeping you from speaking up for yourself and being heard, and unlock ways to communicate with confidence.

Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas

Mama Glow founder, doula, and best-selling author

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past initiatives

From immersive experiences to styling sessions, The Maxx You Project has been helping women embrace their individuality for over 6 years. Explore our past projects below and watch live recorded workshops designed to help you become You To the Maxx.

change exchange

the change exchange

A pen pal program and workshop series that connected women to each other, so that they could feel less alone and more supported on their change journeys.

bookable changing room

bookable changing room

An eight-city tour across the country that gave women the opportunity to receive 1:1 life coaching and styling sessions to help them navigate change.

the changing room

the changing room

An immersive one-time-only experience for women to explore their individuality, hear and share stories of change, and participate in workshops with inspiring speakers.

workshops & how tos

workshops & how tos

Our signature full-day workshops and accessible courses hosted by experts and influencers to help women express themselves authentically and foster relationships in local communities.

the maxx you project lab

the maxx you project lab

An interactive pop-up lab that allowed women to engage in different exercises around their individuality, to better understand the barriers they face in expressing their most authentic selves.

the inauguration

the inauguration

Eighty women from all across the country gathered for our very first workshop focused on helping women pursue aspirations that make them one of a kind.

embracing your individuality

A conversation with two modern-day storytellers about harnessing the power of your identity and staying true to you.

Katherine Schwarzenegger


Danielle Prescod



tapping into your support network

An open dialogue about finding (and keeping) relationships that bring out the best in you, by two influential writers.

Julie Murphy


Olivia Muenter



welcoming change & transformation

An intimate discussion, led by two trailblazing authors, about building a newfound sense of self in the face of change.

Corinne Foxx


Aija Mayrock



forming strong female friendships

A dialogue with Gabby Morrison and Her Campus about why friendships are so important and how to cultivate them in your life.

Corinne Foxx


Aija Mayrock