Connect and learn from this community of women and let’s embrace our individuality – together.

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“Throughout my life, I’ve had an incredible support system of women helping me embrace who I am. That’s why I’m so excited to pay forward that same inspiration and mentorship to the women of The Maxx You Project.”

Kelly Rowland
singer/songwriter, author & mentor
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the maxx you project how to

Taught by inspiring women who have mastered their own individuality, our online classes will help you explore your best you. Whether it’s designing your space, navigating social media or slaying your day to day, you’ll learn how to unlock an unfiltered you.

  • how to design a uniquely-you space

    interior designer

    Genevieve Gorder

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  • how to slay your day


    Mattie James

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  • how to capture an authentic you

    photo stylist

    Meredith Staggers

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why maxxing you matters

Many women celebrate individuality in others but not in ourselves.

But we can change that.

Being yourself isn’t just good for you — it’s also good for the women around you.

*Source: T.J.Maxx, in partnership with Dr. Serena Chen, commissioned a study of 2,000 American women. Oct-Nov 2017.

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of us feel inspired to be ourselves when women around us do the same*


individuality isn't a solo sport

Our community makes it easy to connect, collaborate and embrace your individuality with other incredible women.



  • “It’s great to be surrounded by likeminded women who all have a dream, who all are strong in their own ways. It’s been completely inspiring.”

    Sharon Sharifi

  • “I’ve learned so much, even about how to empower myself more to push towards my goal. Now I know the steps that I need take to actually reach that and achieve it.”

    Whitney Miller Humphrey

  • “I understand now that obstacles are actually just stepping stones. Instead of barriers, you can see them as a set of stairs.”

    Carrie Willis